Krista Polchies

Krista Polchies

Krista Polchies, from Woodstock First Nation, has been a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester at BMM TestLabs in Moncton, NB for over a year. She feels like she is with a company that truly cares about their employees and is in a position where she can excel. Krista has found many positives in her new working environment.

“The best part of my job is that I am valued as a team member and am showed that every day by BMM Testlabs and the clients that I work for,” she says.

Krista’s journey to BMM TestLabs began when she decided to return to school. She was at NBCC Moncton in 2013-2014 taking Information Technology: Gaming Experience Development when she heard about BMM Testlabs.

Krista explained, “My community agreed to fund me to update my skills and build on the success that I had as a Web designer for the Woodstock First Nation. When I was done school in December, I noticed they [BMM Testlabs] had a job listing for a QA Tester and decided to apply.”

The transition into this new field of work was smooth for Krista. She praises BMM TestLabs’ management for having an effective approach to developing good workers. “I was paired up with a ‘buddy’ who walked me through a week of training and who was also there for me after if I ran into any problems or had any questions,” she said. “The lab is a group environment where everyone is close knit and very helpful to new people on the job.”

With the announcement of BMM expanding in the next 5 years and hiring 1000 employees at the Moncton location, the career possibilities at BMM appear to be endless.

“It is nice to know that I can grow within this company into many different positions and will not always be in an entry level position,” says Krista. “I could become a team lead, a test lead and even someday a test manager if I want to. I would definitely recommend working for BMM Testlabs. The owner and executives have created a positive atmosphere in which I wake up every morning wanting to come to work. The working hours are great for someone with a family as it creates a wonderful work and life balance.” She also adds, “Knowing that there are endless opportunities to grow into higher positions within this company also motivates me to do my best every day.”