5 FREE Resources for Entrepreneurs in New Brunswick Courtesy of BioNB

5 Free Resources (1).png

JEDI is always on the look-out for useful resources for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

BioNB, a trusted bioscience authority in New Brunswick, has released five different tools targeted towards aspiring entrepreneurs in the province. Even though BioNB works with businesses in the biosciences field, these resources are useful for entrepreneurs in any field, and what makes them even better is that they are completely FREE.

  1. The Funding Navigator allows you to search through a comprehensive database of funding programs available to New Brunswick-based organizations, startups and researchers: http://bionb.org/navigator/

  2. Detailed guides that explore relevant topics and information about the startup funding application process are also available: http://bionb.org/guides/

  3. BioNB has created a Webinar Series, where they host professionals from a variety of sectors to discuss tips and tools that are important for startup ventures. Legal issues every start-up needs to consider, how early stage start-ups can get the most out of conferences, and a beginner’s guide to getting your company online are just some of the many interesting webinars provided: http://bionb.org/webinars/

  4.  Informational templates will help guide entrepreneurs when starting their business. Some of the templates they offer are a business plan outline, a corporate governance manual as well as the business model canvas. To explore for yourself: http://bionb.org/templates/

  5.  BioNB has also provided links to information that is useful to entrepreneurs, including topics such as exportation, valuation and general business information. To read more: http://bionb.org/links/