Meet J.F. Mallet: JEDI's Market Access Officer


For the past year, Jean-Francois Mallet (or “J.F.” as we like to call him) has worked as one of two Market Access Officers for the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI). With extensive knowledge in both marketing and international business, J.F.’s work at JEDI is crucial to the success of some of our biggest projects.

Can you describe your position?

Right now, I mainly help with both the JEDI Indigenous Business Incubator and Accelerator programs. I help any and all entrepreneurs in our system with whatever they may need.

What are your goals in your current position?

Basically, I’d like to have some good stories to tell. And by that I mean that I want to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. If my client’s dream is to go mainstream, to stay in the community, to help family… whatever their dreams may be, I want to be able to help fulfill them.

Tell me about your story…

I grew up in the little town of Shippagan, New Brunswick. As a kid, I played a lot of hockey which I still do but I’ve been trying to slow down. I got my first job when I was fifteen years old at Save-Easy where I put products on the shelves. Some of my current hobbies include playing sports like hockey and soccer, listening to a lot of music, reading one or two books a month if I get the time, and fishing for bass and trout.

What does your education and work background look like?

I have a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in Marketing and I have a Masters in International Business. Since completing my studies I’ve had the opportunity to teach marketing and work in the international project management sphere. I worked as the International Project Agent at Universite de Moncton which was great because it provided me with the opportunity to travel. I’ve also helped organize four humanitarian missions in Haiti during the last few years.

How did you decide your fields of study?

Well, I started in general business which is where I decided I really enjoyed marketing. As for my Masters in International Business, I knew I wanted to travel and that I could through that.

What makes you unique?

I’m a goalie at hockey so I guess I’m weird.

What is your favourite thing about working at JEDI?

I’d have to say my favourite thing about working at JEDI is helping people achieve their dreams. Another great aspect is that we have a great team here, so it’s actually fun to be in the office. I also really enjoy learning and I learn every day while working at JEDI. It’s both a place where I can help people and have the opportunity to learn for myself.