Are YOU a Student Looking for a Summer Job?


The Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program creates summer job opportunities for selected post-secondary students. Students accepted into the program will be able to apply for summer jobs lasting up to 14 weeks with NB employers.

Apply today! This program is a great way for students to find work in their preferred area of study. Application deadline: March 31, 2018.

Applicant requirements: 

  • a resident of New Brunswick or a First Nation community in New Brunswick; 
  • eligible to work in Canada; 
  • a student in the current academic year and; 
  • attending a post-secondary institution full-time in the fall.* 

*Note: grade 12 students are eligible if attending a full-time post-secondary institution in the fall. 

JEDI will be hiring a summer Communications Assistant through the SEED program so be sure to apply to get your voucher.

Application process:

  • Register online at (under related links) - SEED applicants will be selected at random by a non-government third party to participate in the program.
  • Upon receipt of an email voucher, research job opportunities with registered employers. 
  • Apply for jobs and go through the employers' recruitment process. 

For more information on this program: