cybersecurity recognition award

Last week, JEDI was presented with an award in Cybersecurity during CyberSmart 2017, a conference held in Fredericton, NB. The award, presented by CyberNB, was for JEDI’s promotion of cybersecurity to the Indigenous people of New Brunswick and for JEDI’s collaboration with providers of cybersecurity training such as Lockheed Martin Canada and CyberLaunch Academy.

JEDI has been in talks with Lockheed Martin Canada to secure an advanced cybersecurity training module that will be added to any future technology training programs provided by JEDI and their training partners. 

In addition, in partnership with CyberLaunch Academy, JEDI has trained individuals in basic cybersecurity skills and has plans to continue this training in the future as part of JEDI’s Indigenous Adult Learning & Literacy program. The Protecting your Personal and Professional Data two-day workshop covers basics of internet security like:

  • Social engineering
  • Passwords
  • Malicious software
  • Securing data, computers, mobile devices
  • Anatomy of an attack and evolution of attackers
  • Preserving your privacy and securing your online browsing

JEDI is proud to be providing cutting-edge training to our Indigenous clients. JEDI realizes that cybersecurity awareness and training is essential in this digital age and we want to ensure that everyone is aware of safe practices online so that they can avoid cyberattacks.