5 Job Searching Tips that Will Help You Find a Job

Looking for employment can be a stressful time for many, especially because it’s a time-consuming process that’s filled with uncertainty. Resume preparation and job research can be a 2-week process all on its own but it’s important not to rush it. A positive mindset and good choices could land you a job faster than you thought.

Follow these 5 tips to increase your job-searching skills:

1.     Make your Resume Short and Concise

Hiring managers are busy with their day-to-day workload and are in a rush to get their ‘side tasks’ done. At first glance, your resume should be to the point and should outline your strengths. Try not to discuss unnecessary information or ramble on.

  • Avoid using filler words
  • Use real numbers to show your impressive accomplishments; this rule can be applied for the year you graduated to percentages if necessary
  • Limit your contact information to 1 email address, 1 phone number, and 1 link to your LinkedIn account (which will be discussed later)
  • Use bullet points
  • Revise, cut, repeat. Remove content that does not add value

2.     Research

Become knowledgeable about future job prospects by researching the field that you’d like to work in. After you understand the industry, apply for the jobs that match your interests.

  • Read online articles or magazines that discuss how the industry works
  • Network with those who work in the industry. Look for advice and tips from them. Ask where you can get more information
  • The more that you research and have an understanding of what YOU want to do, the more you can trim down your job search options

3.     Use LinkedIn to Create a Professional Online Presence

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile tells who you are. Make your name, profile photo, and headline as professional and attractive as you can. Don’t beat around the bush with your headline; state what you want to do with your next job opportunity.

  • Create an eye-catching LinkedIn profile that highlights what your abilities are
  • Emphasize what makes you a valuable candidate to a hiring manager or employer
  • Your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles are accessible to any organization and recruiters will look you up on social media, pause before you post
  • Present yourself in a mature and positive manner

4.     Be Persistent with the Employer

Many people don’t want to ‘annoy’ the person hiring however, being persistent shows that you want to succeed. If you submit an online application, go into the office and try to meet with the manager(s). Follow-up with managers or employers to maintain contact. You can do this by emailing or calling them to check on the status of your resume.  The more you make yourself known, the easier it is to stand out from a crowd.

5.     Your Attitude

Be positive and confident. When you believe that you will get a job and that you’re able to work in that workplace, you will have self-confidence. This refreshing attitude will come through in everything starting with your resume and LinkedIn account all the way to the actual interview. Put your focus on your goal to get a job and remind yourself that everything will work out in your favour. Don’t think that you will fail because this will lead to failure. Positivity and confidence is key to job searching.