Learn How to Run Sustainable Development Projects in Aboriginal Communities

Join us at JEDI’s June 28th & 29th Gala Dinner and Plenary to find out about Sustainable Development in Aboriginal Communities.

Topics at the plenary will include:

  • Renewable Energy & National Building, Maximizing Indigenous Benefits
  • Building Sustainable Development Projects in First Nation Communities
  • Indigenous Clean Energy: Catalysing Opportunities for Generations
  • How to Obtain Funding for Sustainable Development Projects
  • Energy Efficiency Options for New Home Construction & Improving Energy Efficiency in existing Low Rise Housing
  • How to make your Home More Energy Efficient

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to become educated on Sustainable Development Projects that can benefit you and your community. It is also a great way to network with experts in Sustainable Development and energy efficiency and to find out how other communities are making their projects work for them.

To register: jediplenary.ca

JEDI Sustainable Development Plenary

The Gala dinner begins at 6pm on June 28th and features Troy Jerome, Executive Director at Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat (MMS). Troy will be presenting on MMS’s 150MW wind farm which is located in Gaspe, Quebec. He will be sharing the successes of negotiating a project where 50% of the $200 million in profits go to Mi’gmaq people and where trained Mi’gmaq workers are currently employed on the project.

JEDI is excited to announce that Chris Henderson, author of “Aboriginal Power” and a well-known Environmental Innovator will be speaking at the Gala dinner and the Plenary. Chris  has a proven track record of advising Chiefs and Councils, Tribal Groups and Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations on how to effectively secure and leverage partnerships in clean energy projects across Canada. Both of Chris’ presentations will focus on Indigenous Clean Energy: Catalyzing Opportunities for Generations.

Our keynote speaker on June 29th is Matt Jamieson, CEO of Six Nations Grand River Development Corporation. Matt will be presenting on Six Nations successful projects which have allowed them to produce 900MW of energy from 34 active sustainable energy projects.

Don’t miss out, register today: jediplenary.ca