5 Tips on How-to Ace Your Next Interview

The interview for your dream job is approaching and you’re excited. Deep down inside, you’re a nervous wreck and worried that it will be obvious during your interview. To boost your confidence, follow these 5 steps and learn how to ace your interview:

1.     Dress like a professional

Break out those nice dress clothes that you’ve been hiding in your closet for months and prepare to look sharp. Make sure your clothes are neatly pressed to show that you are serious about how you present yourself. If you feel like you’re overdressing, then you’re doing this right. You can only make one good first impression, so make it count and look like a person who WANTS to work.

2.     Don’t be afraid to be humorous and honest

Unless you’re confident enough to jump right into an interview, you may want to break the ice in an informal way. There’s no harm in telling a fun joke within the first few minutes of meeting your interviewer. If jokes are not your thing, be honest and admit that you’re a bit nervous. From the interviewer’s point of view, this is expected. You’ll be asked how you’re doing so this is your chance to express your honesty. Saying something like, “I’m a bit nervous but I’m very excited to be here”, will actually make you more comfortable in the interview environment by getting it out in the open.   

3.     Show Poise and Confidence

  • If you believe in yourself, it will show. When you believe in yourself you will be confident in how you answer your questions and calm when a tricky question is asked.
  • Take deep breaths before walking into the building, entering the office or room, and even sneak a few deep breaths in during the interview. Breathing deep will keep you grounded and composed. You’ll also notice that you’re not as anxious or nervous.
  • You don’t have to answer each question instantly. Take your time if you need time to think. Carefully contemplate the tricky questions and try to provide the best answer possible.
  •  Don’t ramble. Answer the questions you are being asked but don’t go off course.

4.     Politeness and Respect

  • There is a fine line between confidence and conceit. You don’t want to act too deserving of the job as it may come across as over-the-top.
  • Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and consistent eye-contact.
  • Express what makes you a valuable asset to the company and on the job.
  • Show politeness and don’t interrupt your interviewer, let them control the conversation and respond accordingly.
  • Remain calm, composed, and professional.
  • Thank your interviewer at the end of the interview and give one last firm handshake.

5.     Maintain positivity

Finally, you want to maintain a positive perspective on everything. Don’t focus on what you don’t have or have yet to do, emphasize what you do have. If a question comes up like, “what are your weaknesses?”, try and frame your answer honestly but with a positive spin. For example, “my weakness is that I sometimes make decisions too fast and it can make me appear as impatient but I am working on slowing things down and considering all options before making a decision.” If you say anything that is remotely negative it will give you negative value so be sure to always add a positive point with everything you say.