JEDI Students Hold Fundraiser in Elsipogtog

JEDI class in Elsipogtog

JEDI recently finished teaching a computer refresher course in Elsipogtog and as part of the curriculum, the students had to complete a community project. After much brainstorming, they decided to help out with a current fundraiser already happening in the community that was being run by Ruth Levi to help send Emma Francis to Disney World.

Emma Francis

Emma Francis is an 11 year old girl suffering from Arthritis and a condition which is causing her to lose her eyesight. According to doctors, she will be blind within 5 years. Emma’s wish is to see Disney World and all of the cities between here and there, so Ruth Levi started fundraising for Emma this past summer. The goal for the entire campaign is around $12,000 so that Emma and her family can go on a bus tour to Disney.

JEDI’s students came up with a plan to raise money to help Ruth and Emma reach the $12,000 goal. They focused in on 3 strategies: a mock jail, bake sale and taco sale. The students ran everything; they worked in the kitchen preparing the tacos, taking orders and delivering the tacos, students were in charge of the bake sale, baking items, getting donations, and sales, and the students ran the mock jail and also went out and arrested people to go in it.




Jason Tozer arrested for mock jail
mock jail in Elsipogtog

The fun event ran smoothly because of all the prep work they had done beforehand. During the initial preparation, they all volunteered for the activity that they wanted to help with. They met in groups and determined the team lead for each group. They worked on their communication skills, spreadsheets for ingredients, cost estimates, created banners and signs, social media plans, and everything else that was required to promote and have a successful event.

Elsipogtog bake sale
delivery girls
fry bread
making chilli
shredding cheese

The student’s goal was to raise $1000 in funds for Emma’s trip to Walt Disney and instead they raised $2500!

presenting the money to Ruth Levi

presenting the money to Ruth Levi

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this fundraiser, your teamwork and dedication really paid off for Emma! JEDI is proud of these students and know that they will work hard on all of their future endeavours. Great work everyone!