Aboriginal People in ICT: Ian Daly

Ian Daly and  Michel Doucet (Director at CCNB)

Ian Daly and Michel Doucet (Director at CCNB)

Ian Daly had always been interested in computers so when he got laid off from his job at the same time that JEDI’s Mobile Application Development (MAD) course was being offered, it seemed like the perfect fit.

The Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) designed the 57-week MAD program in conjunction with JEDI, and 16 Aboriginal students graduated with their diploma this past April. The course covered programming skills in the latest technology for both the Apple and Android platforms based on current industry needs. In addition, the program included a cultural component designed specifically for Aboriginal students. Ian is from St. Mary’s First Nation and studied the MAD program in Fredericton, NB.

“I didn’t think I would enjoy programming as much as I do,” said Ian. “I like the fact that I can build websites now. Whatever the client wants.”

In fact, Ian has built several websites since he graduated on April 25, 2014. Ian has built the St. Mary’s First Nation’s new website, the St. Mary’s Bingo Hall website and a website for Loominations Studio and Gallery. Ian plans to continue to build more websites in the future but he is also looking for a job in order to gain additional experience. He has applied to a couple of companies so far and expects to get an offer soon. He feels that he is ready to join an ICT company and that JEDI did a good job preparing the students for work.

“JEDI is still helping us even though the course is over. They let us know when job opportunities come up, they help with resumes and cover letters. They held a job fair. They also had a “Meet and Greet” with some employers during class time.”

During the course, Ian worked on a Yard Sale App. He continues to work on it in his spare time and as he moves forward with it he can see how this app can be modified for other industries and uses. 

Ian’s advice for future ICT students is simple, “If you are into computers, pursue it for sure.”

JEDI is proud of all the success that Ian has experienced so far and wishes him the best of luck in his future ICT career.