Aboriginal People in ICT: Ashley Nash

Ashley Nash and Michel Doucet (Director at CCNB)

Ashley Nash and Michel Doucet (Director at CCNB)

Ashley Nash was ready to solidify a career and her keen interest in technology led her to JEDI’s Mobile Application Development program. The course covered a variety of programming languages and now Ashley is able to create websites and program in the latest technology for both the Apple and Android platforms.

“I’m ready to join an ICT company and begin my career as a junior developer,” said Ashley. “My future plans include securing a position within the industry where I can utilize the skills and knowledge I have acquired while gaining valuable experience.”

The graduation ceremony for JEDI’s inaugural Mobile Application Development (MAD) program was held on April 25th, 2014 where Ashley was 1 of 16 very excited Aboriginal graduates from across the province to receive their diploma from the Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB).

The 57-week Mobile Application Development program was created by CCNB in conjunction with JEDI and included a cultural component that was designed specifically for Aboriginal students. Ashley is from St. Mary’s First Nation and studied the MAD program in Fredericton.

Ashley worked on several projects during the program. One was a mobile application that allowed the user to subscribe to an organization’s newsletter and then view and write reviews of events. Ashley also volunteered during the program and created a website for the Committee for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women. She is now a committee member of the organization.

“The program has prepared me for job-hunting by exposing me to different aspects of the industry,” said Ashley. “The job prospects could range from simple website creation to large innovative projects where I can utilize the knowledge and skills I have acquired and be a part of a team.”

"To future students, you’re learning how to become a magician, pay close attention to syntax and your magic tricks will inspire you."

JEDI wishes Ashley the best of luck and success in her future ICT career.