Aboriginal People in ICT: James Denny

James Denny (Junior)

James Denny (Junior)

James Denny has always been interested in how computer applications and programs were created so when the chance to study Mobile Application Development (MAD) came along, he jumped at the opportunity.

JEDI, in conjunction with the Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick, created a 57 week Mobile Application Development program where students have been learning how to program in the latest technology for both the Apple and Android platforms. The cutting-edge curriculum was created based on industry needs and also includes a cultural component designed specifically for Aboriginal students.

The students in JEDI’s MAD program come from several First Nation communities around New Brunswick. James is from Eel Ground First Nation and has been studying the MAD program in Miramichi for more than a year now. James is a mature student and has really enjoyed being back in the classroom doing something new and exciting.

“What I like best about the world of ICT is that there are so many opportunities out there that exist for people with coding skills,” said James. “I truly enjoy that I have a skill that, for the most part, is completely alien to the general public. This program has prepared me to find employment in the ICT field by giving me the basic understanding and framework of computer programming.” 

As graduation nears, JEDI has worked with the students to help them find careers in the IT field. In addition to providing potential employer’s contact information to the students, JEDI has also brought in a variety of employers who spoke to the students and explained the skillsets needed to work for their companies and what the work environment would be like.

Although, there are many IT companies in NB, James and one of his classmates have different plans for the future. They have already started sketching out the business plan for their own company, KEJU Development, a mobile app/website development company. Their plans are to expand on a Mobile App project that they started while in school and to keep producing more applications for the IOS and Android markets through the App store and Google Play.

In addition, James and his partner want to build websites for entrepreneurs who have never had an online presence before. They also want to hire or provide internships to new programmers so that these programmers can gain the confidence and experience they need to accelerate their careers.

JEDI wishes James the best of luck in his new career and when asked if he had any advice for future IT students, James had this to say, “Make sure that you are fully invested in your studies.  The concepts and course data are not as easy as you might think and if you are ill-prepared you will find it more challenging. Learn the languages, do the assignments and practice.  But above all, keep your learning alive and challenge yourself each and every day.”