Aboriginal People in ICT: Arthur Simon

Arthur Simon

Arthur Simon

Arthur Simon had been a Youth Counsellor for over 11 years and decided it was time for a career change. He wanted to try something new and challenging so when the opportunity to study Mobile Application Development came his way, he didn’t hesitate to apply so he could try out this growing field.

“I like how ICT is forever changing and the work never becomes mundane,” said Arthur. “ICT is an exciting field. I'm not sure what type of job prospects I have, but I’m excited to see what happens.”

JEDI, in conjunction with the Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick, created a Mobile Application Development program that teaches how to program in the latest technology for both the Apple and Android platforms. The program also contains a cultural component that is designed specifically for Aboriginal students.

The students in JEDI’s 57 week MAD program came from several First Nation communities across New Brunswick and are graduating with their diploma this week. Arthur is from Eel Ground First Nation and has been studying the MAD program in Miramichi.

One of Arthur’s main projects during the course was an iPhone game that is similar to Space Invaders. His ultimate goal for a future ICT project is to create some sort of music app.

When asked what his plans were for after graduation, Arthur had this to say.

“I have thought about creating a new business. My plans include trying to start up something with a couple of other classmates. There's a lot to do when starting a business but I’m up for the challenge. We learned how to create business plans and an executive summary during our course. We were also taught a great deal about how to start up a small business.”

“My advice to anyone getting into ICT is don't get discouraged and be open-minded. Technology is forever changing and there's always something to learn.”

JEDI wishes Arthur the best of luck after graduation and for his future ICT career!