Aboriginal People in ICT: Keith Joe

Keith Joe

Keith Joe

Keith Joe was ready to learn something new, so when JEDI’s Mobile Application Development program was offered, it seemed like an obvious career choice for him since everything is geared towards mobile apps these days.

“What I liked best about ICT was learning a computer language and being able to program the computer and have it interact with a user,” said Keith, “I thought that was so cool.”

JEDI, in conjunction with the Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick, created a 57 week Mobile Application Development program where Keith is one of almost 20 Aboriginal students who have been learning how to program in the latest technology for both the Apple and Android platforms.

The students in JEDI’s MAD program come from several First Nation communities across New Brunswick and will be graduating at the end of April. Keith is from Esgenooptitj First Nation and has been studying the MAD program in Miramichi.

“Some of the projects that I have worked on in this program are a battleship game we made in Xcode,” said Keith. “It was very interesting to learn how to code a basic game and have the user enter coordinates and interact with the game.  I also enjoyed learning how to make a basic candy crush game which was time consuming but very enjoyable.”

Keith feels that JEDI’s Mobile Application Development course has prepared him well for his upcoming graduation. JEDI provided students with a database of potential employers and the course provided students with business contacts and covered the steps involved in creating a business plan for those venturing out on their own.

“I plan on looking for a job or even starting my own business with one of my classmates,” said Keith, “we’ll see what the future has in store for me and my fellow classmates. I think my job prospects will be excellent. I am one of the top students in the Miramichi class, so I think I will have no problem getting job offers. I feel ready to join an ICT company and feel confident that I have the skills needed to succeed in such an endeavour.”

“My advice for anyone thinking about taking ICT is always leave comments in your code so you know what the code is doing and never forget to indent, and of course not to forget your curly braces, and semi colons.”

Best of luck with your future endeavours Keith, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!