Aboriginal People in ICT: Joshua Joseph

Josh Joseph

Josh Joseph

Joshua Joseph began his IT career when he took an IT Desktop Support course at NBCC in Moncton, NB. This course led to doing some computer repair work for the band office in Elsipogtog. Then, because his Visual Basic instructor from Moncton told him that he should pursue a career in programming, when JEDI offered the Mobile Application Development (MAD) course he just had to take it.

“I have learned HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, ObjectiveC, and Java,” said Joshua. “Being able to create anything, from practically nothing. Being able to see your work evolve is a great feeling.”

JEDI, in conjunction with the Collège Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick, created a 57 week Mobile Application Development program where students have been learning how to program for both the Apple and Android platforms. The cutting-edge curriculum was created based on industry needs and also includes a cultural component designed specifically for Aboriginal students.

The students in JEDI’s MAD program come from several First Nation communities around New Brunswick. Joshua is from Elsipogtog First Nation and has worked on a variety of projects while taking the MAD program in Miramichi.

“I worked on a tic-tac-toe game,” said Joshua, “a little shooting game based in Java (I'm still attempting to add more enemies and then a boss type sprite), a little calculator app, a storage management mini app, and a little camera application.” His favourite project was the Java shooting game. “I was able to set the animations between movements using multiple pictures that were edited. The collision detection between the object coming out of the bullet hitting the enemy object was very interesting.”

The MAD course is coming to an end on April 25th and the students are preparing for their future. JEDI has been helping them by inviting some local IT employers into the classroom to explain the skillsets required to work at their company and to describe the work environment.

“I want to join a team of programmers so I can learn the ins and outs of the job itself, I am a quick learner,” said Joshua. “I want to be very good at programming in multiple programming languages. I want to work. I want to see how this new trait I have attained could better my life.”

Joshua’s advice for anyone studying computer programming or wanting to study programming is this, “Pay attention, read, and don't forget these about bad boys --> ;  { } </> “

Congratulations on your achievement Joshua and good luck in your future career!