JEDI and Brun-way Award Bursaries

Left to right: Lynn Poole-Hughes, Candida Paul, Gail Caplin, Alex Dedam.

Left to right: Lynn Poole-Hughes, Candida Paul, Gail Caplin, Alex Dedam.

JEDI, in partnership with Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc., awards two $1000 bursaries yearly to Aboriginal students in the fields of business, engineering or a related field of study, e.g. science, computer science, environmental studies, mechanical and electrical technology, and mathematics.

The 2013-2014 recipients of the bursaries were Candida Paul of Esgenoopetitj, NB, and Gail Caplin of Eel River Bar, NB. They were both presented cheques this past week by Alex Dedam, President of JEDI and Lynn Poole-Hughes, CEO of JEDI.

Candida and Gail are both currently enrolled in the Aquaculture Technician and Business Management Program taking place at the Eel Ground Fisheries Resource Center. The 40 week course covers fin fish studies, shellfish studies, hatchery protocol, hatchery design and maintenance, small vessel operating proficiency and first aid.

Both women decided to apply for the bursary after they heard about it from one of their instructors. They were very excited when they found out that they had been selected. “It’s awful special to be picked,” said Gail.  “When you are a student, every little bit of money that you can get, you try to reach out and grab at it,” said Candida.

The women will use the money to help out with expenses while they are at school. It will provide them with some extra funds to care for their families and for travel expenses while they are away.

Once the course is finished in June, Gail will return to her job with the band. Gail has been working with fin fish and doing habitat recovery for the last four years but she wanted to learn more. “The Band didn’t have all of the answers so I wanted to find them myself,” said Gail. The skills that she has learned in this course relate directly to her job and she is looking forward to sharing her new knowledge with other members of her community.

Candida has plans to continue on with her education in the fall. At present she wants to study marine biology. “I always wanted to do that as a young girl,” said Candida, “but I am willing to keep going and see where things take me.” Candida is hoping to find work in Esgenoopetitj this summer but she wouldn’t mind moving and is ready to move forward with her life.

JEDI wants to wish both women the best of luck with their studies and their future goals. Congratulations Candida and Gail!

JEDI will be accepting applications from New Brunswick Aboriginal students for the 2014-2015 bursaries in the fall of 2014.