10 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn


Jobvite.com released their 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey in September 2013. In it they stated that recruiters use LinkedIn to research and contact candidates 93% of the time during the hiring process. Do you want to start using LinkedIn in your job search but you aren’t sure where to start? JEDI can help.

We’ve compiled 10 tips that will help you set up and make the most of your LinkedIn account:

1.       Fill out your profile completely

Start with your education and relevant work experience, which should include detailed descriptions of your skills and accomplishments. LinkedIn states that having more than one job listed on your profile makes it 12 times more likely to be viewed.

Use keywords that are important within your industry and also make sense for your work experience.

Samples of your work, such as video, slideshows or links to your blog, can be included in your profile.

2.       Use a professional looking photo in your profile

LinkedIn states that having a photo on your profile makes it 7 times more likely to be viewed. LinkedIn is a professional social network so post a professional photo.

3.       Make the most of your profile headline

Focus on what you have to offer while using relevant keywords that describe your skills. Keep things positive and use words like “looking for opportunities” as opposed to “unemployed”.

4.       There are sections for volunteer activities, associations, certifications, awards, etc.

Fill them out if applicable.

5.       Select skills and expertise options that reflect your abilities

Your connections are more likely to endorse you for these skills if you already have them listed. Endorsements will help you appear more often in search results.

6.       Post status updates

Share something that your connections will find useful. This provides good information for them and will also keep a link to your profile on your connection’s home pages.

7.       Make connections

Having more than 50 connections will increase the likelihood of your profile showing up in the search results. Connect with friends, old co-workers, schoolmates and social group members.

8.       Ask former co-workers and bosses for recommendations

Don’t be afraid to give them as well.

9.       Use the LinkedIn job search to help find jobs

Click on the job tab on LinkedIn’s opening page to start your search. If you find a position that interests you, see if you have a connection within the organization who can help you with your application.

LinkedIn also has a saved searches option that helps track job searches by alerting you to changes on those searches.

10.   Join LinkedIn groups that relate to your desired job

Ask questions and offer up answers.

Setting up the basics of your LinkedIn profile should be fairly simple. Often you can cut and paste excerpts directly out of your resume. After the initial set-up, go back and see where you can improve it. Browse some of your connection’s profiles to see what they’re doing. And once you’re happy with your profile, be sure to include the link to it on your resume. This will show that you are social media savvy and give employers an opportunity to see what you are doing online.

Good luck and happy job searching!