7 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Social media isn’t just for sharing what you had for breakfast or watching cat videos. Social media is an important component of job searching in today’s online world. You’re already connected to friends and family on social media so now is the time to reach out to those connections, create new ones and find that perfect job.

Here are 7 great ways to use social media to find your next job:

1.       Make sure that you are on the right social networks

Jobvite.com released their 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey in September 2013 and they reported that 94% of hiring managers use social networks during recruiting. In fact, recruiters use LinkedIn 93% of the time to search, follow and contact candidates during the hiring process. And after interviews take place, 25% of recruiters use Facebook and 18% of recruiters use Twitter to evaluate candidates further.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, now is the time to get one. LinkedIn is a social networking site used for job searching, recruiting and professional networking. It is a great way to connect with previous employers, recruiters and potential employers.

Twitter is an easy way to follow people within your industry and provides a less formal way to reach out to people who you may not know yet.

2.       Let your friends and followers know that you are looking for work

No matter what social network you are on, tell your connections that you are looking for work. Be specific as to the type of job that you are looking for so that they can let you know if they hear of any openings.

3.       Expand your circle of friends

Use social media to get back in touch with old co-workers, schoolmates and social group members. Start following influencers within your desired industry and interact with them. Follow companies that you’d like to work for and see what they are discussing. Ask your connections for introductions if they know someone that you would like to meet.

4.       Use social media to show off your knowledge and to ask questions

Casual conversations over social media are a great way to meet new people, find out more about an industry, potential job openings or just to share your knowledge.

5.       Keep your social media usage professional

The rule of thumb for posting online is “Never post anything that you wouldn’t want your Mother or Grandmother to see”. Certain social media sites have privacy settings but there is still the opportunity for things to leak out. Therefore, follow this list of don’ts:

  • Don’t post inappropriate pictures of yourself,
  • Don’t share how intoxicated you are/were,
  • Don’t post derogatory racial comments, and
  • Don’t say anything negative about past or current employers.

6.       Job Search

Many companies post their openings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you find a company you are interested in working for, be sure to follow their online activities. Also, use advanced social media searches to find some of those undiscovered jobs.

7.       Research

Social media provides lots of opportunities to conduct research. You can find out what other job searchers are doing, follow company’s online activities, and, when you get that all important interview, you can research the company and hiring managers before you walk in the door. This can give you some important insights plus most prospective employers expect you to do your homework before coming in to meet them.

Using social media is just one part of your job search. It’s also important to network in person, follow the job boards, have a great resume and a positive attitude.